Community efforts to repair and maintain the church have been a common theme throughout its history.

There have been several efforts to make repairs to Little Stranger Church or to keep it alive as an active community meeting place. Church records indicate get-togethers to clean up the church, as well as donations such as nails, paint, shingles, and monetary donations, throughout its history. In 2015, a serious effort was once again put forth by the community to restore the church through a series of projects, and also to create a long-term plan for its maintenance.

During the application process for the 2016 Heritage Trust Fund Grant in 2015, the church board worked with Stan Hernly, an architect who specializes in historic preservation, to create a plan for the restoration. This plan, and other projects, are outlined below.


✓ Project Complete

The roof was leaking and in urgent need of replacement in order to prevent damage to the interior of the building. The existing asphalt shingle roofing was replaced with new asphalt shingle roofing.

Date Complete: 2016
Cost: $7,646; 80% reimbursed by Heritage Trust Fund Grant



✓ Project Complete

Repairs to the foundation were one of the biggest undertakings in the restoration process. It was necessary to restore the foundation before replacing the siding. Restoration of the foundation began in December 2017 and was complete by February 2018. Work included: replacing the sill beam, removing the later added concrete patchwork, salvaging and resetting as much of the original limestone as possible.

Date Complete: February 2018
Cost: $54,984; 80% reimbursed by the Heritage Trust Fund Grant

headstone Repairs

✓ Project Complete

In 2017, several fallen headstones were reset and repaired with the help of Jayme Quinley's expertise in cemetery maintenance and Chad Mowery for providing his backhoe.

We will continue to make repair and reset headstones as needed.


Much of the siding is missing or deteriorating. All siding will be removed and any salvageable pieces will be used for the front facade of the building. Siding that matches the original wood will be installed on the rest of the building.

We plan to apply for the Kansas State Historical Society's Heritage Trust Fund Grant for 2019; if accepted, the grant will cover 80% of the restoration costs. 

Estimated Completion Date: Mid-2019
Estimated Cost: $60,000



We are still in the research phase for the door restoration. There are two original wooden doors; one has been removed due to damage. There is a screen door that was added at a later date that will most likely be removed. It is undetermined whether the doors will need to be replaced entirely or if they can be restored.

Estimated Completion Date: 2019
Estimated Cost: $2,000



We are still in the research phase for window restoration. It is estimated that each of the six windows will cost $2,000 to repair or replace. 

Estimated Completion Date: 2019
Estimated Cost: $12,000


The interior is in relatively good condition. Old furniture in disrepair has been removed, but the original pews and other furniture from later years are still in good condition. The floors and furniture are cleaned annually.



The ceiling boards need to be removed in order for debris to be cleared. The boards will then be repaired, or replaced if needed.

Estimated Completion Date: Fall 2018
Estimated Cost: TBD



Once the siding is restored, the interior walls will be cleaned and freshly painted.

Estimated Completion Date: Late 2019
Estimated Cost: TBD